Property Types


Village Properties

Find country living in the heart of an active community. Many people would like to live in the country while maintaining a meaningful connection to their community. They want a quieter life but want to be able to go for a morning walk to their favourite coffee shop, or run into their friends on their way home from work. The Village Homes provide this balance. Lot designs have front porches set close to the street to increase social connection. Rear laneways offer a safe place for kids to play away from traffic.

Available Homes: All 2, 3 and 4 bedroom single-family homes models.


Farm Properties

Imagine waking up with views over the open fields of an organic farm! The farm rests at the heart of the Hendrick Farm community and the living rooms, master bedrooms and gardens of the White Model townhomes offer front row seats to the organic farm and provide incredible views of the vast green space its fields provide. A wide walking path allows pedestrian access to the fronts of these homes and link the properties with their neighbours, the farm, and the village. Garages and backyards are tucked discreetly behind these homes and offer private, south-facing family space.

Available Homes: White Model townhomes.


Park Properties

For centuries community planners have looked for ways to create small, semi-private enclaves within broader community plans. The Park Homes provide that sense of micro-community by sharing a semi-private green space among a dozen or so private residences. These properties will create exclusive enclaves in which only a handful of homes will front on one of two semi-private parks.

Available Homes: Lindenlea, Kingsmere, Blackburn, Sawmill.