Designed with the community & homeowners in mind


Hendrick Farm is founded on the principle that a vibrant community is one that is in tune with its cultural, historical, and natural environment.

Its planning is informed by the agricultural, village-scale business and recreational environment of Old Chelsea, and it’s designed with the community and homeowners in mind; bringing recreation to their front step, providing privacy without isolation, and granting access to services and local businesses without dependency on a car. Here visitors will find a certified organic farm, acres of parks and green space, and a range of small businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, and boutiques.

Behind all of this lies Hendrick Farm’s belief that the best way to protect nature is to leave it alone. That’s why over 50% of the green space in the community will be preserved for community enjoyment. Hendrick Farm stops suburban sprawl in its tracks, increases the agricultural and recreational use of prime village real estate, and dramatically increases the variety of available housing and service options in this historic setting. Best of all, it makes it possible to call Old Chelsea home.


The Hendrick Farm Foundation’s mission is to provide leadership and financial support for local food system development, land conservation, environmental education, and community engagement. As a registered not-for-profit organization, the foundation provides educational resources for students and professionals interested in local agriculture, conservation development, innovative land use, and planning and environmental stewardship. One per cent of all home sales in perpetuity will directly support Hendrick Farm’s organic farming operations, the maintenance of all common parks, trails, and green spaces, and the foundation’s educational and outreach programs.


Organic Farm

Hendrick Farm is home to a five-acre certified organic, not-for-profit farm that grows over 80 varieties of vegetables. The Farm Stand is open to visitors and offers a selection of seasonal, local, organic produce harvested from the field and sold fresh daily. Lovely bouquets courtesy of the farm's organic flower program are also available for purchase, and feature beautiful heritage and popular flower varieties. All proceeds support the Hendrick Farm Foundation’s operations.

The Hendrick Farm Foundation also offers a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Members are provided with fresh, high-quality, certified organic produce grown at the farm. CSA memberships at Hendrick Farm offer a variety of options for farm-fresh vegetable pickup. Each pickup features a bountiful mix of seasonal produce packaged for members, along with a CSA newsletter that provides recipes and tips on how to get the most out of the week’s produce.

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Hendrick Farm is a conservation development. The plan preserves more than 50% of the land as green space and encourages walkability throughout a mix of village-appropriate residential and commercial options for the area. Green space has been planned to protect the area’s natural environment, preserving open space, landscape, and vistas. Hendrick Farm also fosters fertile agricultural land, conserves natural habitats for flora and fauna, and maintains the rural character of the community for existing and future residents of Old Chelsea.

Trail networks link all aspects of Hendrick Farm with the Gatineau Park and the surrounding village, giving unparalleled access to the great outdoors.


...more than 50% of the land will remain green space.

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Parks and Trails

Nearly 40 acres of parks, trails, and green space - including the beautiful Chelsea Creek corridor - rest at the heart of Hendrick Farm. These exceptional natural resources are central to the planning of the community and provide walkable links to the surrounding village and neighbouring communities. Hendrick Farm’s parks and trails provide beautiful connections to the local golf course, village eateries, and hundreds more kilometres of trails in Gatineau Park.

All park and trails in the community are maintained year-round by the Hendrick Farm Foundation team.